Dear Immaculate Family,

It is that time of the year when we are once again asked to renew our stewardship commitment. With a prayerful attitude, we recall that God is the source of everything we have and are. This attitude of gratitude prompts us to be “protectors and good care takers” of the many gifts received from God and to be more intentional about our giving back to him.

We give back to God by sharing our gifts for the greater good of all. For, as St. Therese of Avila rightly puts it, “Christ has no body on earth, but yours; no hands but yours; no feet but yours. You are the eyes through which He is to go about doing good; you are the hands with which he is to bless people now”.

This year again, we are asked to recommit ourselves to be “caretakers” of our parish by appropriately supporting our various ministries with the gift of our time, talents and treasures. I know it isn’t always easy to discern what amount God is calling us to give and share.  Whatever your decision, I ask you to give from your heart – listening carefully to the Lord’s promptings - and take-a-step towards your goal.

I now invite you to make that difference, to ‘take a step’ towards fulfilling that destiny and fulfill the mission God has for you, our parish, and the world. Please fill out and return the commitment card to the parish this weekend at Mass.

In thanksgiving for all God’s blessings to us, and for your generosity in response,
I remain,

Most gratefully yours,

Fr. Maurice Mamba
Priest Administrator



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The chart on the left provides a guideline for deciding the portion of your giving based on your household income.  Each year, we ask you to the reflect and re-evaluate your financial giving - is it a gift that is planned, proportionate, sacrficial and thankful? An equal percentage should be considered for giving to the 'other half' such as Special Collections, the Annual Catholic Appeal and other charties.




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